Sentiments [EP]

by Coated With Filth

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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Coated With Filth Chelyabinsk, Russia

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Track Name: Ocean Swells
I dwell at the ocean floor. Coated with the waves, to the depths I belong. Hear my heartbeat, hear my blood flow, all I believe is dying along with my breath. Slowly but surely I drown alone within the ruins of place I call my own. Feelings are lost, mind is abandoned. Listen to the tides as they send you the message of my soul leaving its home. Where do I go from here? What to expect to find? Embrace me tightly my dear for I'm not willing to fight.
Track Name: I Am The White Rabbit
Can't you look away ? I'm sick of you staring at me. The glare in your eyes, glances, glances, the gaze of worship. The look of anticipation, but I cannot give you more than I have. At least I'm not fallen and you can't laught at me. I shine like shrine, and you drink my light. Ideas fly and the universe is dried of thoughts. But I'm sorry, its not enough to fulfill your hopes. I am the sun and you're my satellite, so don't expect me to begin circling around you. If I'm a star than you're a planet and without my heat you'll be covered with ice. You'll bear no life. The glare in your eyes, glances, glances, the gaze of worship. I absorb knowledge that this world holds within, and all the secrets will be exposed. Please cease on watching me, anticipating me to share them with you. The glare in your eyes, glances, glances, the gaze of worship.
Track Name: Amongst The Maggots
Leave me alone, leave me here to evolve. The trees will hide you from my sin. The vices eat me from within. I'm buried waist deep, so soaked in blood and semen of the leeches. Worms tightly wrap around my toes, the roots of maples grow right through me. I'm slowly descending into nightmare. Living this life I had no regrets, but now at this hour I'm full of secrets. Secrets. Whispers of demons consuming my heart.